Beaming and Barefoot

I'm Anna: moved to Texas from Ohio. 18. Vegan. I crave the serenity of nature. Art keeps me breathing.Inhaling the good stuff.Trying to find inner peace.

Goddess in training. Dreads in training. I love people. Festivals. New wave psychedelic. Ambient music. Dancing. Hooping. Reading. Hiking. Camping. Kayaking. I'm a Midwestern girl just trying to explore the world. Let's share stories ✌️🍃☀️


A Baby Elephant Blowing Bubbles

Artist: Martine Johanna, "Under the Moon"
Graphite and Lacquer on Wood Panel. 60 cm x 50 cm 

Philip Milic - for Custom Jeweler Laynee DaturaMod
tumblr: philipmilic


My roommate just ashed a bowl into her hand and dumped the ashes on her head…
I love these people.